Akam Sanat Arena Company

ASA founded to create customer-oriented chemicals trading and production company in Tehran, Iran. Since then, we have been a trusted chemical products supplier to markets in Europe Asia, and the Middle East.
Ours headquarter in Tehran, Iran, is designed to create a solid logistics and storage network and offer a wide chemical product range for its customers in the middle east.

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About Akam Sanat Arena & Our Features

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Akam Sanat Arena is a research and development, production, and trading company serving every sector to supply all industrial chemicals.
We have helped our clients in the Middle East, and Asia since 2018. We can meet the needs of our clients quickly due to our wide chemical product range, reliable logistic operations, and strategic network design.
With more than ten years of experience with highly professionally educated staff, we have been exporting to 23 countries. Our wide chemical products range meets its partners in most sectors, such as petroleum, paper, textile, agriculture, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and more.

Experienced And Expert

With experienced and expert workforce.

Online And Fast

You can communicate with us quickly and online from all over the world.

Global Links And Connections

Having many connections with foreign and international companies, you can get the best quality and price from us.

24/7 Help & Support

Ready to answer and support all days of the week and 24 hours a day

Our Missions & And Goals

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Our mission is to provide services in the international areas as an innovative and reliable business partner that always raises the standards in what we do. Being solution oriented and flexible in doing business, always approaching our work technically, and not deviating from high standards -even in the most demanding conditions- are the values we care about.

International Areas

Our Mission

24/7 Support & Help

Our Mission

Fast & Trustable

Our Mission

Best Prices & Quality

Our Mission

While doing what we do best, we always make our world cleaner and more livable by protecting people and our vital natural resources. We always try to keep our customer satisfaction at the highest level to realize our mission values.

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Check What The Business Say About Akam Company

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Due to the brilliant history of the collection in the field of business, You can see some of the opinions of respected customers and businesses about us.

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    "Your services was quick and very trustworthy!"

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    Stanley Holt

    CEO of DTP Co.
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    "I just was able to work with you once, and I am satisfied with your company's commitment and responsibility."

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    Gethin Buchanan

    Business Company
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    "Your on-time delivery was great."

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    Aaminah Lucero

    Mirana Company
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    "Because of your country shortage, the cargo was delivered later."

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    Victoria Macias

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    "Your stuff was so follow-up and available..."

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    Nikhil Moran